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2018 Programs

HOI Membership Program

Opens January 1st, 2018!

Be one of the first 75 members to fill out the application for for a chance to win a FREE AIRPLANE RIDE AT THE BLOODY BRUNCH!!

Hemophilia of Iowa is excited to say that we are spicing up the membership program! Starting in 2018 HOI will no longer require a $25 membership fee. We want to ensure that every family has the opportunity to be apart of Hemophilia of Iowa. 

2018 Bleeding Disorder T-Shirt!

HOI is excited to introduce the 2018 Bleeding Disorder T-Shirt! The proof and order form will be up shortly! Spread your support of the bleeding disorder community by the purchase of this shirt. All proceeds raised will go towards the programs HOI provides such as Summer Camp, the Youth Program etc.

The Bleeding Disorder t-shirts are sponsored by HPC Specialty Pharmacy and BriovaRx

Scholarship Program

Applications will begin being accepted January 1st, 2018

Do you know of a student graduating high school or in college who is affected with a bleeding disorder? HOI is honored to have the opportunity to provide scholarships to members of the community. In order to apply you must: be a member of HOI, have or be related to someone with a bleeding disorder, graduated on or before May 2018.

If applying for the John Heisner or  Dude Cremer Scholarship supporting documents are due March 31st, 2018. All other applications and supporting documents are due March 15th. No exceptions. 

Available HOI Scholarships:

Bleeding Disorders- Up to $1,000

Immediate Family Members of a Person with a Bleeding Disorder- Up to $750

John Heisner-Up to $500

Dude Cremer- Up to $500

Other Scholarships:

Colburn-Keenan Foundation’s Beth Carew Memorial Scholarship

The application deadline is Monday, February 19th.  Deadline extensions will not be provided. 

Any undergraduate student with hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, or a related inherited bleeding disorder is eligible to apply for the Beth Carew Memorial Scholarship. 

For more information visit: 


Advocacy Program

Advocacy from your couch, coming soon in January!

Advocating for your community shouldn't just happen one day; it should be happening year-round. HOI is excited to begin giving members of the community tools to help reach out to local and state legislator about changes in the health care field. By knowing what and who to reach out to, your voice will be heard. You will be the change for the community. 

Young Adult Program

First social is March 10th--mark your calendars! 

Our goal is to establish a community of young adults and teens who are interested in developing leadership skills, become more independent and empowered, develop a support system of peers, and of course, to have fun!  While this program is being put together by HOI and the HTC staff, we really want this program to be YOUR program.  Participants will play an important role in choosing what adventures we will have while being supported by these organizations.

The goals of our first event will be to develop the constructs of this. I am really excited to see where this program is taken.  As a teen and young adult you will be the ones making important decisions about this group, it is a great opportunity to be a part of developing a unique and important group. The group is for YOU, so YOU should be in charge. You are the future of the bleeding disorder community.

Our first event we will be held at the YMCA Camp in Boone, IA.  This facility offers so many great opportunities, including a zip line (if weather allows)! We will be spending most of our time together in the lodge and around the grounds; sleeping arrangements will be in cozy lodges with temperature controls!

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