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Blood Safety

Before 1965, hemophilia was treated with a slow transfusion of whole blood or fresh frozen plasma. In 1965, a plasma extract called cryoprecipitate became available that made Hemophilia A treatment […]

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Step Therapy

What is Step Therapy? Step therapy is a coverage restriction placed on drug coverage by private health plans and Medicare private drug plans. Before your plan will cover some (generally […]

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Federal Specialty Tier Resources

The Patients’ Access to Treatment Act (HR 1600) states that an insurance company cannot charge more for a drug that they place on a specialty tier than they charge for […]

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Federal Biosimilars Policies

A biosimilar is a medicine that is highly similar, but not identical, to a biologic medicine (see definition below). They are also known as “follow-on biologics.” Biosimilars are modeled after […]

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