2019 Bleeding Disorder Week


On behalf of Hemophilia of Iowa we would like to invite you to participate in Hemophilia of Iowa’s Bleeding Disorder Week. Governor Kim Reynolds has agreed to sign a proclamation stating that March is officially Bleeding Disorder Awareness Month! In efforts to spread awareness and education about bleeding disorders, we would like to provide your school with all the tools needed to host a Bleeding Disorder Awareness Week.

All resources and tools are provided for you and your school, all we ask of you is to put it in front of the students!

How do you host a Bleeding Disorder Week?

Hemophilia of Iowa will supply you will all the resources that you may need! The week will consist of fun, educational facts on what a bleeding disorder this through Bleeding Disorder Trivia! This is a fun and interactive way to introduce what a bleeding disorder is and how to treat. This can be done through an intercom system, first period etc., whenever your school feels appropriate. This educational game can be tweaked depending on your schools structure.

  1. Introduce Bleeding Disorder Week to faculty

    1. Provide pre-made materials to faculty informing them of the importance of this week

    2. Decide if you'd like to participate in a fundraising activity

    3. Decide if you'd like to do this via intercom or in homeroom settings

  2. Introduce Bleeding Disorder Week to school

    1. Hang up fliers provided to you to help excite the students!

  3. Bleeding Disorder Week is here!

    1. Use the Bleeding Disorder Trivia facts

    2. If fundraising, encourage students throughout the week!

  4. You did it!

    1. Let us know what you thought of the program and materials

    2. Join us March 18th at the Bloody Brunch to celebrate your success and what the students picked up


Create an Impact

We encourage schools to have homerooms do penny wars or other fundraising efforts! This is the beauty of the program—this could range from homeroom penny wars to teachers purchasing the opportunity to possibly wear jeans one day for $5. All proceeds from this program will go towards the total of funds raised at the Bloody Brunch. . If your district participates in a fundraising activity you will receive two adult tickets to the Bloody Brunch on March 18th on behalf of your school. All proceeds from this even will go towards the HOI Scholarship Program.


Easy to do, lasting impact

By hosting a Bleeding Disorder Educational week you will be helping your students gain a deeper understanding of the world around them. Before the 1990’s Hemophilia and other Bleeding Disorders were seen as a death sentence. Today a severe hemophilia A patient finished climbing all Seven Sumits of the world! What does it mean when someone says they have a bleeding disorder? It means that they won’t die from a paper cut, instead that they can bleed for longer. Hemophilia is a result when the blood is missing or deficient in protein and cannot form the clotting factor. There are over 500 affected families in the state of Iowa! 

Spread awareness and educate your community today!


Get Creative!

As you can see, there are many ways to use mold this program into something successful for your school. And, now it's time for you to get creative and explore the possibilities.


Resources just for you!

Here you can find all of the materials we plan to provide you! Feel free to browse through and find what will really work for you.