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Hemophilia of Iowa events give persons of all ages the chance to have fun and associate with others their age who also have bleeding disorders. Go to the PROGRAMS page to see many of our valued services.
2015 Scholarship Application 
Hemophilia of Iowa is proud to one again be able to provide the scholarship program to those in our community furthering their education.  If you are someone who has a bleeding disorder, sibling to someone with a bleeding disorder or are a caregiver of someone with a bleeding disorder please check out our application and criteria and consider applying.  This program is only possible due to the commitment and dedication of our board of directors and the volunteers who help HOI further their mission via our fundraising efforts.​

​Download Instructions and Application on the

Providing you with education and support

Mark Your Calendars for these Events in 2015

February 21-22

1st Step Family Fun Education Day
Adventureland Inn Hotel - Altoona, IA

March 15-16
HOI Legislative Day
Embassy Suites & State Capitol - Des Moines, IA

March 26-28

Hemophilia Federation of America’s Symposium

Hyatt Regency at the Arch - St. Louis, MO

June 14-20

Summer Camp

Camp Tanager

July 10

HOI Golf Tournament

Hunter's Ridge Golf Course - Marion, IA

July 10-11

Annual Education Weekend

Cedar Rapids Marriott - Cedar Rapids, IA

August 8-9

Family Camp Weekend

Camp Tanager

August 29

Family Education Day

Adventureland Inn Hotel - Altoona, IA

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Attend the Hemophilia Federation of America’s Symposium ​• March 26-28, 2015 
Hemophilia of Iowa is pleased to partner with Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA) to offer a limited number of scholarships for HOI members and their families.  HOI and HFA will be partnering their grants together to maximize attendance for HOI members that are directly affected with a bleeding disorder in their family.
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